Following up the concept e-bike “Concept 1865” DING3000 (now RSW) designed an exhibition for BASF for Milan Design Week. The exhibition showcased the huge variety of BASF materials throughout several stations appealing to different senses. 


clay, polypropylen


DING3000 for BASF

project date

Spring 2015

making off

During my internship at DING3000 we were working on an exhibition for the chemical company BASF for Milan Design Week 2015. Next to several product and material samples from the companies portfolio the exhibition included an area to showcase the e-bike „Concept 1865“ as well as students projects dealing with similar approaches. This area included several walls which built a coherent picture from one certain angle. The picture was supposed to show basic elements of the history of BASF. We calculated the exact angle of the picture via CAD and later on beamed our sketches onto the actual walls. The exhibition took place at LaPosteria in Brera.