Pictures tell stories

This old hall has once been used for nazi propaganda affairs. During the last years it was left empty. To capture the contrast of this sites history I went back to the place where the old pictures were originally been taken to combine them with a current one.


Strabag-Halle, Soest


Wirtschaftsförderung Soest

project date

Sept 2014


History is something you learn in school. It often appears to be something that happened long ago far away. We sometimes are not aware, that the places we cross every day are a part of history. Places that seem so normal to us may have a different history than we think they have. It might be the passing of time which makes a place insignificant. I found one of those places in Soest, Nordrhein-Westfalen. An empty building with a colourful background. It started out as a steel mill, before the Nazis used it to house propaganda affairs. Up to 10.000 people fit in this hall. People from all over Westfalia gathered here until larger facilities were needed. The building was finally teared down in 2018. Although this is not a place where major historic decisions were made, it holds history, like many other anonymous buildings everywhere. It is a reminder that history is all around us.


From 25th to 27th of September 2014 all seven pictures were exhibited during a festival which took place in the building they were taken at. The exhibition design tried to integrate industrial elements like raw steel into a clean setting. This juxtaposed the clean exhibition with the dirty industrial atmosphere in the main hall.