This chocolate is made to be enjoyed. Compared to usual chocolate bars, every piece can be broken off individually. This is made possible with a tiny gap that devides the pieces from each other. One gets enticed to eat chocolate slower, with more consciousness and contendment.




university project FH Münster


summer 14

In this project I examined how food culture and habits are changing and in which way products can reflect that. Today there is a growing conscience towards what we eat – reflected in e.g. urban gardening or the slow food movement. As there is a limit to the food we can produce this may be a key to a more sustainable lifestyle. The contentment in “less is more” needs to be reflected not only by the food itself but by its very shape. Usual chocolate bars encourage people to eat more than they want as you can only break off a whole bar. With this chocolate you can only break off a single piece and thereby automatically enjoy each bit. Curbchoc can easily be produced with a mould out of food safe silicone. Instead of a usual mould it has some flaps inside where the chocolate can later float around.